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STABILO EASYbuddy school fountain pen

01. January 2018

The popular school fountain pen is now available in six cool colors.

Your best school buddy

The new companion for little heroes, especially between the ages of 8 and 10: the STABILO EASYbuddy. The STABILO ergonomics professionals used every ounce of their expertise to create a pen that would allow children to find the right writing technique and enjoy writing. The result: neat and tidy, fatigue-free handwriting.


The perfect buddy for neat handwriting.

The STABILO EASYbuddy is the ideal fountain pen for school children and will perfectly suit the writing requirements of children aged between 8 and 10. After learning their letters and getting their first experience of writing in their early school years, the STABILO EASYbuddy will help them develop their own legible handwriting style and correct pen-holding position.


The perfect buddy for children’s hands.

The shape of the STABILO EASYbuddy is equally ergonomic for both right and left-handers and will sit perfectly in a child’s hand. The durable plastic casing tapers into an iridium-tipped nib. The tip is protected by a spring-loaded cap to avoid creating a pump effect. The STABILO EASYbuddy is available in three nib sizes (M, A, L) and can be used with most standard ink cartridges. A large window means that you always know when it’s time for a new cartridge.


One buddy, six ways.

It doesn’t just write well, it looks great too: in addition to the three popular color versions purple/magenta, dark blue/light blue and black/lime, the EASYbuddy is now also available in black/light blue, lime/green and coral/ red. With such a wide selection, everyone will be able to find their favourite. The excellent color variety will offer both boys and girls perfect style on paper and be a real eye-catcher in any pencil case!


The perfect buddy for parents and teachers.

From years of research and practical experience, STABILO knows how important the right pen can be for children’s hands. Writing fluidly and accurately is a complex process that demands a lot from little ones. The STABILO EASYbuddy can help improve the style and speed of handwriting. Thanks to a nib that glides effortlessly across paper, and the lightweight plastic housing, the fountain pen almost writes on its own. Little writers can concentrate more on the content of their writing and, thus, learn quicker.

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