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All STABILO Coloring Fineliner Pens

Premium selection of pens with different tips for creative minds who want to express themselves using different-sized tips. Everyone who loves colorful creativity on paper, hobby artists who want to try out and combine different tips and strokes and handlettering and sketching artists looking for an all-in-one package. With the STABILO fineliner coloring pens you will always have a quality, reliable companion to set your creativity free. STABILO Creative Tips offer the perfect pens to produce creative artworks with ease. Whether you want to create an intricate artwork with different line widths or a lettering with a variety of strokes, the Creative Tips are the perfect tools. They include an extra-fine 0.2 mm fineliner and the two cushioned fineliner 0.4 mm and 0.7 mm tips, a sturdy 1 mm felt tip and a flexible brush tip. The premium selection is available in different sets in various color combinations – each with all five tips in each color of the set. With the water-based ink, you can easily create stunning watercolor effects and color gradients on paper.

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