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It's up to you!
By choosing climate-neutralised pens, you are making a difference.

STABILO pointball and STABILO GREENpoint climate-neutralized

Climate-neutralised - or climate neutral?

A good question. Strictly speaking, of course, there can be no such thing as a climate-neutral product. After all, everything that is manufactured costs raw materials and energy. What is possible, however, is a product that has an overall neutral carbon footprint. This is achieved by offsetting all incurred emissions. That is why we are speaking just about climate-neutralised pens.

Here you can find our actual compensation certificates:
Climate-protection certificate STABILO GREENpoint
Climate-protection certificate STABILO pointball

Our products STABILO GREENpoint and STABILO pointball are just the beginning. Have a look, what we plan next:
10 Year Plan STABILO GREENpoint, pointball, Grow

Helping where it matters most.

When purchasing a STABILO GREENpoint or a STABILO pointball, for example, you’re supporting a climate project in Uganda, which has been proven to save CO2. . It inspires us with its comprehensive effect on the environment, public health, and even on children's education.

Be sure to check out how smart technology is being used and how it’s created a domino effect of sustainable improvements!

Learn more project Uganda

The world is round.

And it is enclosed by an atmosphere, which we are beginning to learn about. However, what we know for sure is: Climate-damaging gases, such as CO2, are increasing. This means that a ton of CO2 that we can save from somewhere else in the world, does just as much for the climate as a ton that we save on our doorstep here in Heroldsberg.
saving the world

Our climate partners are real partners.

We have deliberately chosen myclimate because we want to calculate and offset our CO2 emissions comprehensively and on a scientific basis, , they are also a non-profit organisation who wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects.

Real partners - take a closer look.

The experts from myclimate help us to avoid emissions where they currently occur in our company - across all locations and departments.

All together! Together, we prepare project plans to prevent CO2 by creating step by step plans to reduce emissions. As we’ve said, we are working on it.

But give us some time – and in that time continue to put pen to paper with your thoughts and ideas using the climate neutralised pens from STABILO.

Thank you - from the Earth

In 2025, we will be climate neutral.

As a family company, STABILO focuses on the next generations, and the greatest challenge of this and the next generation is climate change.

STABILO has started making a contribution, and is planning to in 2025 to become a CO2 neutral company. "STABILO Together" is our sustainability initiative, which we started in 2020.

Join us in our journey and learn how you can contribute yourself.
STABILO sustainability

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