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Together for a sustainable tomorrow:

STABILO Together is the name of our company-wide sustainability initiative.
We know that you’re as interested in sustainability as we all are. Here you can find out where we stand today and our plan to become a climate-neutral company by 2025 and how we and all our partners and fans out there can come together to achieve this target - Together.

We’re on it!

Sustainability has always been a key question for us. This includes the raw materials we use to produce our pens & pencils along with the production itself, transportation and even how we source our electricity. Below are things that we are already doing :
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Award-winning excellence!

We are pioneers when it comes to the most important certifications and awards.
For example, in 1998 STABILO became the first writing instruments producer in the world to receive FSC® certification. Today, 100% of the wood in every pencil that leaves our production facility comes from exemplary sustainable forests.


Some eco-friendly products

We think in generations – not quarterly periods.

We’ve always had staying power. We prefer to work towards solutions that will be effective for years to come rather than one which gives a quick result. This applies to our writing instruments as well as our approach to sustainability.
illustration Paris

We have a long tradition of looking to the future.

As a family company, we have run our business with an eye to the future since 1855.

We implemented the Paris Agreement in to all of our locations to protect against climate change dealing with green-gas-emissions.
illustration 2025

True climate neutrality takes time.

Here it is in black and white: we’ll be climate neutral by 2025 - but why not today? Well, for us the only the thing that counts is REAL climate neutrality, which we will achieve by implementing radical transformations throughout our entire company:

  • climate-neutral electricity supply to all production facilities
  • process optimisation in manufacturing and logistics
  • in-house electricity generation
  • exploration and use of alternative materials
  • improvement of recyclability and product durability

You’ll laugh, but: there’s a lot to be said for plastic.

illustration recycling
We know what you’re thinking... but we’ve thought long and hard about plastic.

It’s currently the safest, best performing and most harmless material that can be used to manufacture pens. It makes them incredibly durable and also absolutely safe for children, it’s also becoming easier to recycle.

But we promise you: as soon as we discover an even better material, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Our commitment to progress is based upon three pillars:


We think holistically: from sourcing raw materials to recycling.


We think beyond ourselves: for our employees, their families and you.


We think and act as entrepreneurs and view sustainability as a key success factor for the future.

STABILO Together – our team for a better tomorrow

Our sustainability initiative will only be successful if we work together. This is expressed not only in the name of the programme, but also in its structure. Because our Together team comprises the brightest minds from all areas of our company. Why not get to know them!
Maren from STABILO
Hey, I’m Maren and environment and energy management are my thing at STABILO.

One of my responsibilities as Sustainability Manager is to lead our STABILO Together team. Here, employees from all areas of the company contribute their ideas and actions.

Transparency is important to me – so send me any questions you might have about sustainability or if you want to know how you can contribute.

I want to know now!

Below are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. But if you have a different question then please get in touch with us and we we’ll get back to you – we love new questions!

We are limiting our transport packaging to what is absolutely necessary. The packs that our pens are supplied in are used in retail as refillable presentation displays. The individual packs that our pens come in often have an additional benefit in daily use either at in the office or at school. It goes without saying that we are constantly looking for ways to improve - for example we always try to save material and are always researching alternative materials.

At STABILO packaging is designed so that it can be recycled after use.
The majority of our packaging is made from one material, making them easily recyclable.
You’ll also find that 80% of our transport packaging consists of recycled material. In 2012 we stopped using PVC and switched to environmentally friendly alternatives

Every STABILO pen is a quality product with a long service life and many of them can be refilled. However, if your STABILO has had its day this is no problem: all parts are made of environmentally neutral materials and can be disposed of with household waste.

Many of our pens are refillable, such as our fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and mechanical pencils. But did you know that the STABILO BOSS is also refillable? However, this option is actually very rarely taken advantage of. Pen tips such as those of the STABILO point 88 and STABILO Pen 68 will slowly degenerate after around 1000m of writing. The writing systems in the STABILO worker and STABILO pointVisco must be kept airtight and are thus not refillable.

You’ll laugh, but: there’s a lot to be said for plastic. It’s currently the safest, best performing and most harmless material that can be used for pens. It makes them distinctively durable and also absolutely safe for children. It’s also becoming easier and easier to recycle. But we promise you: as soon as we discover an even better material, we’ll pioneer that, too.

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Let’s stay Together

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