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Ergonomic and refillable rollerball pen

With a packet of cool stickers or hints included with every pen and refill, this is more than just a writing aid. Children just love swapping and collecting the stickers! They will have loads of fun while using an advanced, ergonomic and refillable rollerball that glides smoothly across paper.

A rollerball for school kids that makes writing fun!

  • Ergonomic shape prevents muscle fatigue and enables a relaxed hold
  • Easy handling means neat and tidy handwriting – won’t blot or scratch
  • Grip-zone made from non-slip material
  • 3 different colour combinations
  • M tip with 0.5mm line width
  • Refills in 5 colours, including royal-blue erasable ink for school
  • Easy-to-change ink as every refill has its own tip
  • Fun surprise in every pack: collectable hints and stickers
  • Stickers are perfect for personalising the pen or for creating personal doodles
  • Caps stacks on the end of the pen

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