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STABILO Swano Pastel
Hexagonal Graphite pencil

We love pastel! This trendsetter among pencils brings fresh colours to school, college and the office. Make taking notes a visual pleasure with the STABILO Swano pastel pencil. The hexagonal pencil comes with a handy eraser and the pencil’s HB hardness makes it perfect for writing and sketching at school and college. Choose from six stylish designs and go with the pastel fashion.

Trendsetters watch out! Here comes the must-have item for your desk

Spring has sprung with these pencils in trendy pastel colours! The stylish STABILO Swano pastel pencils are available in six trendy pastel shades. We're sure that you'll find it difficult to choose your favourite colour so you may simply decide to take all of them!

With a medium soft HB hardness, the pastel pencils are perfect for writing, sketching and drawing. Also highly recommended for creative design and do-it-yourself projects. The handy eraser at the end of the pencil makes clearing up for small mistakes easy.

A great eye-catching pencil whilst in your hand or on your desk. Benefit from first-class STABILO quality and put fabulous results on paper.
Product features

Product features

  • This hexagonal pencil with an eraser in trendy pastel colours is easy on the eye and looks great in your pencil case and makes writing a pleasure.
  • With a medium soft hardness (HB), this pencil is perfect for writing and drawing at school and college
  • Choose from 6 different pastel colours: for more inspiration and creative fun
  • Pastel pencils stand out beautifully and set a trend for colour accents
  • A fantastic addition to the other popular STABILO products in pastel colours
  • Delicate tones that inspire creative minds, making the pencils perfect for creative design and hand lettering
  • Typical STABILO quality for discerning writers

yellow 4908/01 green 4908/02 lilac 4908/03 apricot 4908/04 pink 4908/05 blue 4908/06

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO Swano pastel comes in 6 trendy colour combinations.

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