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STABILO EASYoriginal Pastel
Ergonomic rollerball

With the STABILO EASYoriginal Pastel ergonomic rollerball pen, easy handling means not just neat and tidy handwriting. It sits comfortably in the hand, and changing the cartridge is quick and easy. Combined with the choice of beautyful pastel colour combinations, it provides a unique learning-to-write experience.

Lovely pastel colours make learning to write more fun.

The STABILO EASYoriginal ergonomic rollerball pen is now also available in soft and subtle pastel colours. Right-handed writers and left-handed writers can choose between between cloudy blue and pink blush.
With its non-slip grip zone, the rollerball pen sits comfortably in the hand no more achy hands. Blots and scratches are a thing of the past – that means endless fun with the pen and neat and tidy handwriting.
Each cartridge has a new tip so you can switch refills quickly and cleanly, and carry on writing. Refills are available in “medium” (erasable blue and black 0.5mm). With so much going for it, the thing to do first is put a name in the practical name space. Approved by UK teachers*, praised by parents, loved by children – developed by scientists.

Product features:

  • Ergonomic rollerball pen for left- and right-handers, designed especially for children's hands
  • Easy to hold thanks to its non-slip grip zone
  • Relaxed hand posture prevents muscle fatigue and pain when writing
  • Lovely pastel colours: 2 for right-handers, 2 for left-handers
  • Easy handling is ideal for children learning to write, ensuring neat handwriting without blots or scratches
  • Easy to refill and new writing tip with every cartridge change
  • Available cartridge colours: royal blue erasable ink suitable for school or black
  • Refill cartridges in: medium (0.5mm, blue and black) (sold separately)
  • Includes a space for a name tag
  • Approved by UK teachers*, praised by parents, loved by children – developed by scientists

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