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STABILO EASYoriginal Graffiti Edition
Ergonomic and refillable rollerball pen

The ergonomic graffiti-style rollerball pen! Each pen is unique with the STABILO EASYoriginal Graffiti Edition’s new look. With both right and left-handed versions as well as the ergonomic grip zones, pupils can easily learn to write and improve their writing skills.

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Unique as never before

The new STABILO EASYoriginal Graffiti combines ergonomic and comfortable writing with the trendy graffiti look.

The rollerball technology ensures easy handling, which enables neat handwriting without blotting or scratching. The robust rollerball tip also makes the pen ideal for pupils who want to learn to write or improve their writing because the tip is replaced whenever the cartridge is changed.

Special right- and left-handed versions as well as the ergonomic grip zones additionally ensure a more relaxed hand posture when writing. Not only does the rollerball stand out due to its comfortable handling, but also due to its unmistakable graffiti look, as each pattern is unique, making each pen one of a kind.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Ergonomic rollerball pen for left- and right-handers, designed especially for children's hands
  • The highlight: Trendy and individual graffiti look at the end of the pen makes each one unique
  • Secure hold thanks to non-slip grip zone
  • Relaxed hand posture prevents muscle fatigue and pain when writing
  • Easy handling is ideal for children learning to write, ensuring neat handwriting without blots or scratches
  • Easy to refill and new writing tip with every cartridge change
  • Available cartridge colors: royal blue erasable ink suitable for school, black or red
  • Refill cartridges in two line widths: fine (0.3mm, blue for fine writing) and medium (0.5mm, blue, black and red)
  • Includes a space for a name tag

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