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Write in comfort and with ease

With EASYgraph S, hands will naturally find the right, relaxed pen hold. Slim pencil diameter and thin lead for finer writing!

Ergonomic graphite pencil

STABILO EASYgraph is the ergonomic and narrow pencil for advanced school children learning to write precisely on fine lines and squared paper. Triangular design, non-slip grip for left-handed or right-handed users.

The school pencil with maximum grip

The STABILO EASYgraph S ergonomic graphite pencil aids advanced school children in mastering finer lines and squares and helps increase their writing speed. However, it remains very important to have a relaxed grip and hand posture, thus ensuring neat and fluid writing. The slim triangular shape and fine HB lead of the STABILO EASYgraph S will perfectly suit pupils with larger hands and is ideal for school work. It offers the same general advantages as the STABILO EASYgraph: it’s scientifically designed shape and grip moulds for either left-handed or right-handed pupils ensure that the correct grip can be found intuitively. Thus the fingers of the writing hand remain fully relaxed. It comes in 3 vibrant and fun colours: petrol, pink and blue with the yellow and red color coding on the end of the pencil identify whether it’s for a left-hander or right-hander.

Product features:

  • Ergonomic pencil especially for left-handed or right-handed kids
  • The highly popular STABILO EASYgraph now comes in a version for older school children with larger hands
  • The pencil with the eye-catching grip zones is not easy to forget – a real highlight in any pencil case
  • Relaxed hand posture thanks to its triangular design and non-slip grip moulds
  • Precise writing with fine, 2.2mm lead diameter
  • Thin lead encourages precise writing on fine lines and squared paper
  • No blurred letters thanks to HB hardness
  • Find your matching pencil with the yellow and red colour coding on the end for left-handed or right-handed kids
  • Choose your favourite colour from 3: petrol, pink and blue
  • Made from 100% strictly controlled FSC®-certified wood
petrol 326/HB-6 pink 326/01-HB-6 blue 326/02-HB-6

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO EASYgraph S comes in 3 shaft colours (petrol, blue and pink) for right-handed kids and in 3 shaft colours (petrol, blue and pink) shaft colours for left-handed kids.

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