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STABILO EASYgraph S Metallic Edition
Ergonomic graphite pencil for school

Ergonomic graphite pencil perfect for children at school.

The STABILO EASYgraph S Metallic Edition is an ergonomic graphite pencil which has non-slip grip moulds making it easier to help develop a relaxed pencil grip for both left-handed and right-handed children.


Captivating metallic shine!

Metallics are in! So why not bring your pencil case up to date with the STABILO EASYgraph S Metallic ergonomic graphite pencil. The brilliant metallic design are available in three shiny finishes gold, silver or copper giving you a new incentive to pick up a pencil and write.

The pencil is comfortable to hold thanks to the ergonomic triangular shape, while the extra slim shaft and non-slip grip make this pencil the first ergonomic pencil designed for right-handed and left-handed people. Providing comfort to children’s hands whilst they learn to write and continuously supporting them as they develop a clear writing style.

The 2.2 mm thick HB-grade lead ensures precise results. The yellow or red colour coding at the end of the pencil indicates whether the pencil is designed for left-handed (yellow) or right-handed (red) people.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Relaxed writing for either left or right handers - thanks to the left-handed and right-handed grip moulds.
  • Easy to hold thanks to the non-slip grip moulds.
  • Improved hand posture thanks to the ergonomic triangular shape.
  • Neat handwriting and precise note-taking thanks to the HB-grade 2.2 mm thick lead.
  • The brilliant metallic colour is available in gold, silver and copper.
  • 100% environmental responsibility; manufactured using only FSC-certified wood to protect our natural resources.

326/09-HB silver 326/21-HB copper 326/20-HB gold

Add some metallic sparkle to your life and your pencil case!

STABILO EASYgraph S Metallic comes in 3 band new metallic colours.

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