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Ergonomic coloured pencil

Let children create amazing pictures at school and home with these special ergonomic colouring pencils, available in 12 stunning colours and perfect for children over five years old.

Aid their Potential, Aid their Fun!

Children love colouring and creating exciting pictures from an early age, and scientists say that being creative can promote development in many other areas. So with this in mind, it’s important that a child always has the right equipment to help them fulfil their potential. Perfect for children over five years old, STABILO EASYcolors with a lead diameter of 4.2mm are the first ergonomic colouring pencils especially designed for left or right-handers. Their triangular shape and non-slip grip moulds ensure a hand posture that won’t cause fatigue in children, allowing their mind to run free as they colour and draw to their heart’s content. Children will be happy for hours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Ergonomically designed for left or right-handers
  • Triangular shape and non-slip grip moulds for a relaxed hold
  • Yellow and red colour coding indicates left or right-handed versions.
  • 4.2mm lead diameter.
  • 12 brilliantly bright colours.
  • Pencils made of wood from sustainable forests
  • With a space for inscribing their name.

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