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From a design classic to a stylish work of art


From a design classic to a stylish work of art


From a design classic to a stylish work of art

by Ju Schnee


With her own unique style of bright curved lines, visual artist Ju Schnee has added her own individual touch to the BOSS ORIGINAL. With these colour designs not only highlighting but also creative applications such as hand lettering, journaling and sketch noting will be even more fun. Colour variations include - Cloudy blue, hint of mint, pale orange or frozen fuchsia

A classic that never gets old!

The new edition of this classic highlighter once again proves that the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL is always up to date: the young visual artist Ju Schnee turns our favourite pastel colours into a canvas and designs the new product edition as well as the limited packaging using her own unique style.

For the first time, the BOSS ORIGINAL will be printed all over with bright and exciting designs of the young artist.

Explore the new edition in our video.
cloudy blue 70/111-101 hint of mint pale orange frozen fuchsia

Explore all colours!

The BOSS ORIGINAL by Ju Schnee edition comes in 4 of our most popular colours. Which one is your favourite?

Meet the Talent

After completing her master's degree in media design, the Austrian young talent Ju Schnee moved to Berlin, where she has been working as an artist since 2017.

In her art, she fuses reality and the virtual world in an abstract way. Analog wall designs, sculptures, 2D illustrations and 3D illustrations are part of her repertoire.

Her style comprises of curved, harmonious shapes in combination with powerful, lively colours which radiate pure energy and joy.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Modern design of the creative young artist Ju Schnee as an all-around print on the pen
  • Always keep the important items in focus: Pastel highlighters create low-key highlights and add more structure to texts
  • Concentrate while you work: 4 hours dry-out protection thanks to anti-dry-out technology
  • 2 in 1 thanks to the chisel tip: two-line widths – 2 mm and 5 mm – perfect for underlining and highlighting text
  • Also gives artistic projects a special touch, ideally suitable for shading, framing, and creating hand letterings, designing journals, and much more
  • Save resources while you highlight: Contains recycled material
  • Water-based ink
  • Quality – made in Germany

"Now I'm looking forward to the world becoming a little more colourful and creative minds like me being able to fully express themselves!“

- Ju Schnee -

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