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Pastel makes my day!

Motivational booster for colour lovers: The STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Edition in 6 cool colours and hand lettering designs.

STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Edition

The STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Edition with "Be happy" motifs and in a current selection of colors simply puts you in a good mood. The uplifting motifs of handlettering artist Hannah Rabenstein inspire and motivate. Thus, the 6 delicate nuances enchant pupils, students and creatives.

"Be happy" with the STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Edition highlighter

It’s impossible to imagine the world of highlighters without pastel. With the STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Edition, STABILO is making positive statements that spread a lot of love. We are also delighted to continue our link with hand lettering artist Hannah Rabenstein who designed the text on them. Like the first designs, the MINI highlighters are being launched as a limited edition. Your 6 favourite colours have made it in to the mix: pale orange, frozen fuchsia, pink blush, hint of mint, touch of turquoise and dusty gray. A refreshing wind blows over the desks and the sun rises! In the handy MINI format, the small highlighters become a motivating must-have for lettering lovers and soft colour enthusiasts. Clearly, they score with the known STABILO quality in highlighting, underlining and designing. With the practical 2 line widths of 2 and 5 mm, it can be used concentrated work or varied creative design.

Hannah Rabenstein

As a lettering artist, Hannah Rabenstein is very proud of the results and her creative cooperation with STABILO: "This is the second Pastellove Edition that I have designed for STABILO. It feels great to finally hold the little highlighters in my hand. I hope that they make a lot of people smile, like they do for me." The fact that they fit easily into trouser pockets and jute bags makes it even easier to follow your creative instincts anytime, anywhere.

Product features

  • Put it in your pocket and be creative anywhere with the classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in mini format in the latest Pastellove edition
  • The 6 soft pastel shades in the current colour mix are so pretty.
  • Limited edition with feel-good text by hand lettering artist Hannah Rabenstein
  • STABILO Anti-Dry-Out Technology:4 hours drying protection for the flow while being creative and working
  • Proven STABILO quality in terms of workmanship, ink and writing comfort for professional working, highlighting, underlining
  • Water-based ink
  • 2 line widths: 2 + 5 mm for underlining and highlighting
KEEP GOING - touch of turquoise 07/113-9 COLLECT MOMENTS - hint of mint 07/116-9 AFTER RAIN COMES SUN - pale orange 07/125-9 BE HAPPY - pink blush 07/129-9 DREAM ON - frozen fuchsia 07/158-9 BE BRAVE - dusty grey 07/194-9

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO BOSS MINI Pastellove Highlighter comes in 6 different designs.

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