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Triangular coloured pencil

Create wonderful pictures with cool pencils in school or at home with these ergonomic, triangular-shaped colouring pencils, carefully designed with children in mind.

Stress-free, fatigue-free fun!

Getting creative has been proven to aid happiness in all humans, and children in particular love to make things for themselves and their parents. However, it’s very important they have the right instruments to use. Thoughtfully and ergonomically designed, these colouring pencils will give children hours of fun drawing without any hand fatigue. Their triangular shape enables a sturdy grip, creating lines with brilliant colours and rich application; once these pencils are in the classroom or the colouring jar at home, kids will not be able to ignore their vibrant colours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Thinly designed colouring pencils
  • Ergonomic, triangular shape for a relaxed, correct hold
  • Lead diameter 2.5mm
  • Brilliant colours and vibrant colour application
  • Available in sets of 12 or 18 colours

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