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Bright & colourful

STABILO Trio Jumbo - ergonomic triangular grip zone & extra-thick colouring tip will guarantee lots of fun for little artists!

STABILO Trio Jumbo
Colouring felt-tip pen

Be bold. Be colourful. The extra thick tipped, super-washable STABILO Trio Jumbo fibre-tip pen with ergonomic triangular grip zone for little artists.

The XL tipped felt pen

With its push-resistant extra-thick tip and ergonomic triangular-shaped grip zone, the STABILO Trio Jumbo enables the boldest of doodles, the most vibrant classroom displays, and the coolest fridge art. The triangular shape encourages a proper, fatigue-free pen hold. Your children can colour and draw correctly, getting creative fatigue-free for hours on end. And if a little colouring accident should happen, the ink is super-washable – just throw the clothes in the wash! Art projects have never been so stress free. Available in a set of 12 bright and intensive colours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Felt-tip pen with XL-tip (line width approx. 3mm)
  • Ergonomic triangular-shaped grip zone and push-resistant tip
  • Encourages a proper and supportive, fatigue-free pen hold
  • Super-washable ink that can be removed with a normal detergent
  • Available in 12 intense colours (not available individually)

blue orange green pink red

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO Trio Jumbo comes in 12 intensive colours. Here are some of them!

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