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Creative glitter art for young and old

Have fun while creating great works of art with STABILO Trio DECO. Child-friendly creative fun in 8 varied metallic colours.

Metallic fibre-tip pen

The STABILO Trio DECO with its 8 metallic colours for the ultimate colouring experience. The metallic fibre-tip pen makes colouring in larger areas fun and easy: thanks to the robust XL tip with a width of 3 mm it applies ink quickly to light and dark surfaces. The STABILO Trio DECO is ideal for children and fits perfectly in their hands thanks to the ergonomic triangular grip zone.

Child-friendly and creative:

The STABILO Trio DECO metallic fibre-tip pens are perfect for giving children. Children can have so much fun drawing and decoration in various ways and the metallic ink gives their artwork an extra shine. Whether at school or at home with friends - pictures get a special touch in the twinkling of an eye. The child-friendly pens fit ergonomically in small hands and the triangular grip zone encourages them to use the correct pen position from the start of their mark making. The extra thick XL tip has a line width of 3 mm and applies ink quickly to make colouring in larger areas simple whether it is on paper, cardboard or wood, for example. The metallic fibre-tip pens give a very special luster to creative ideas at Christmas, bringing to life handmade cards. This makes them especially popular with creative minds and do-it-yourself fans it's also a fantastic gift idea as well!
Product features:

Product features:

  • Shiny metallic shades go beyond the dull standard colours to make colouring even more fun for children
  • The robust, thick XL tip applies ink generously to paper, cardboard and similar materials in no time, letting the user colour in larger areas quickly and easily
  • Adds not only an extra special touch to pictures, but all kinds of glitter effects as well
  • Perfect for creative card decoration and for labelling gifts, for example
  • Cool pens encourage children to let their artistic talent run free and experiment - at school and at home with friends
  • Perfect for small hands: the triangular grip zone encourages them to use the correct pen position from the start
  • Colours on both light and dark paper, cardboard, wood and most absorbent surfaces
  • Even adults can enjoy them - colouring larger areas in do-it-yourself projects with the practical tip width and metallic glitter
  • The perfect creative tool for making personalized cards and lovingly decorating gifts during the Christmas season
  • Store the pens horizontally for best performance (due to the glitter particles in the ink)

gold metallic 810 silver metallic 805 pink metallic 856 lilac metallic 855 blue metallic 841 green metallic 836 light green metallic 843 black metallic 846

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO Trio DECO comes in 8 brilliant colours. Here are some of the most favourite ones!

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