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The perfect grip

STABILO Trio A-Z – thin tipped fibre-tip pen with triangular grip zone for little artists.

Colouring felt-tip pen

Calling all young artists, teachers and parents! Developing skills in drawing and colouring is vital at a young age and it is important to use a correct and comfortable grip. The STABILO Trio A-Z is a thin tipped fibre-tip pen with triangular grip zone and has super washable ink to ensure your child gets the best start in writing and colouring.

Colourful writing and colouring with a perfect grip

The STABILO Trio A-Z’s ergonomic triangular shape minimizes the effects of hand strain while enabling a correct and relaxed hold of the fibre-tip pen. Comfortable and sleek, this pen is ideal for writing and colouring with its super washable ink. STABILO Trio is a comprehensive family of products with ergonomic grip-zones designed for little artists and for everybody who loves to create wonderful pictures with cool pens in school or at home with friends.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Fibre-tip pen with a robust F-tip (approx. 0.7mm line width)
  • Designed for all lovers of writing and colouring
  • Triangular, ergonomic grip zone
  • Facilitates a correct hold that will be comfortable for a developing hand
  • Super-washable ink
  • Available in sets of 12 to 30 colours

green light green torquoise pink carmine yellow

Add some colour to your life!

STABILO Trio A-Z is available in sets of 12 to 30 beautiful colours. Here are some of them!

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