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STABILO Pen 68 Mini
Colouring felt-tip pen

Bigger does not always mean better, as proven with these super cool, handy pocket-sized Pen 68 Mini premium fibre-tip pens in 24 brilliant colours – including 4 neon shades. They are perfect for on the go.

Colourful. Mini. Practical.

The STABILO Pen 68 Mini is a premium fibre-tip pen. For all who love to create wonderful pictures with cool pens in school or at home, or for those who wish to add colour to their school notes with high brilliance and luminosity, these mini fibre-tip pens are ideal. Their small size means they are perfect for use at home as well as on road trips. With a robust M-tip of approximately 1mm line width, creating strong lines and colouring large areas couldn’t be easier. They are partially aquarellable by blending colours using just a brush and some water, and they will not dry out, even if the cap is left off for up to 24 hours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • High brilliance and luminosity
  • Odourless, water-based ink
  • Robust M-tip (approx. 1mm line width) for even ink application
  • Cap-off time of up to 24 hours
  • Available in 24 brilliant colours – including 4 neon shades
  • Partially aquarellable

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