STABILO EASYoriginal Marbled Colors Edition


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Target group

  • For those learning to write and school children aged 6 and over.

Product features

  • Ergonomic rollerball with individually marbled shaft and cap in trendy color combinations: five for right-handers, two for left-handers.
  • The highlight: Thanks to the innovative impulse injection moulding process, every pen has a special marble pattern! The customised color process is so special that there is only one of every pen: one given pattern can never be reproduced exactly.
  • Grip zone made from non-slip material.
  • Relaxed hold prevents muscle fatigue and pain whilst writing.
  • Easy, comfortable handling means neat and tidy handwriting – doesn’t blot or scratch.
  • Royal-blue erasable ink suitable for school (medium 0.5 mm).
  • Refillable with all STABILO EASYoriginal refills – changing the ink color is now quicker and less messy thanks to the new writing tip on every new refill.
  • With space for a name tag.
  • Cap stacks on the end of the pen.