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First Pen Discount

10% OFF at WHSmith

Getting your Pen Licence is a big achievement, and the next exciting step is to buy your first pen.

Our STABILO EASyoriginal is the Official Pen Licence Pen. Approved by teachers*, it’s specially designed for left- or right-handers who are learning to write.

We’ve teamed up with WHSmith to offer every child 10% off their first STABILO EASyoriginal when they achieve their STABILO Pen Licence.

*In UK user trials 95% of teachers approved the use of STABILO EASYgraph pencils and STABILO EASYoriginal pens in their schools.
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STABILO First pen discount

Ergonomic and refillable rollerball pen

Learning to write in the most stress-free way with this ergonomic and refillable rollerball – especially designed with children in mind.

Ergonomic graphite pencil

When it comes to the wonderful world of writing, the STABILO EASYgraph ergonomic pencil will help children learn to write in comfort and with ease. The STABILO EASYgraph’s scientifically designed shape has been developed for growing hands, and its triangular design features colour coding for right-handed or left-handed writers and boasts unique non-slip grip moulds.

Order your free STABILO Pen Licence class pack!

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