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About the STABILO Pen Licence

What is the STABILO Pen Licence?

Moving from writing with a pencil to a pen can be a big step in a child’s handwriting development. To reward children for their hard work and achievement in accomplishing this feat, we have created the STABILO Pen Licence.

Dedicated to parents and teachers, this hub provides additional support for children working towards their Pen Licence, including handwriting support, certificate packs and exclusive STABILO product discounts.

FREE to schools within the UK only.
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STABILO Pen Licence kids

What's in the class pack?

Our free, fully printed STABILO Pen Licence packs have everything you need to reward your class for their handwriting achievements.

Each pack contains the following assets for each child in your class:
  • STABILO Pen Licence certificate
  • ID cards
  • ‘First pen’ discount voucher
All you have to do is fill in the order form and we’ll send your class pack directly to your school.
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STABILO Pen Licence class pack

Handwriting class with STABILO Pen Licence

Watch pupils at Manor Community Primary School enjoy working with STABILO and achieving their Pen Licences!

The STABILO Learning to write family

Always the right ergonomic products for every age - specifically designed for left and right handers.
STABILO Learning to write family
Learn more about the exciting STABILO EASY products and buy them online.
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STABILO EASYoriginal Class Pack

Our STABILO EASYoriginal ergonomic rollerballs are available to buy as a class pack from our online shop.
STABILO EASYoriginal Class Pack with refills

The class pack includes 30 right handed pens and 6 left handed pens, with 200 blue Ink refills.
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