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#mySTABILOdesign competition

MANY THANKS to all participants who created such amazing packaging designs. We are really overwhelmed and we are so happy to have such great and creative STABILO fans!

Here is the top design winner:
This wonderful and creative design will be implemented on our STABILO point 88 Mini and STABILO Pen 68 mini packaging, which will be available in many countries from January 2020.

@buttafly_art --> Top winner design

And here are the 10 second place winners:
____chiharu____ --> Winner design
zentangle_lotte --> Winner design
elena_iakimenko_ --> Winner design
labulledeclem_ --> Winner design
mp3_media_file --> Winner design
fedy.rica --> Winner design
laura_muenzer --> Winner design
fine_art_2901 --> Winner design
fantastic_bujo --> Winner design
dark.kyd --> Winner design

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