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STABILO Happy Mail

STABILO specializes in ergonomic shaped pens and pencils developed with experts and specifically designed for left and right handers.

Happiness sent by
“snail mail”?

Finding a personal letter in your mailbox is rare, exciting and makes you happy.

In these times of instant messengers and voice messages, sitting down and taking the time to hand-make a dedicated card, a package of small gifts, a letter or just a small personal note for your loved ones and then sending it by post – or snail mail, as it’s often known – is something special and precious.

That’s what Happy Mail is all about.

It’s your turn now: happy up your very own mail – anyone can do it!

Grab a STABILO Pen 68 and take a look at our video tutorials or use one of the free templates. There are hundreds of reasons to create a message for your family and friends – but there doesn’t really need to be a reason to make someone happy.

Please make us happy, too, by sharing your creativity with us on Instagram: #stabilohappymail


Amanda Arneill
Stefan Kunz

Amanda Arneill

Amanda is an online course creator, teacher and hand lettering artist from Canada where she lives with her husband and two daughters.
Amanda teaches online courses, combining her love of teaching with her passion for creating and feels very lucky to have students all over the world!
Amanda believes that everyone is capable of expressing themselves by creating their own beautiful art.

Her Insta channel:

Stefan Kunz

Stefan Kunz is a lettering artist, designer and illustrator who literally puts his art into words, inspiring and motivating his community on Instagram and YouTube.
He loves the unconventional, whether on a beach in Iceland or with toothpaste on the table you can write everywhere and on everything.
With his art and ideas he has grown a large fan base and gained international reputation.

His Insta channel:

STABILO Pen 68 metallic
Premium felt-tip pen

The 8 opulent colors – gold, silver, copper, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic violet, metallic pink, and metallic light green – give do-it-yourself projects and creative work a dazzling shine in no time. Thanks to the colors’ great coverage and brilliance, the metallic effects are easy to see even on colored and black paper.

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