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STABILO Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein

Inspiring ideas for your special moments! Buy the book today!

Get creative with STABILO!

This Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein is full of ideas for the most wonderful moments throughout the entire year! Whether for spring or for summer festivals, gift ideas, home decorations or even your next New Year’s Eve party - we’ve thought of (almost!) everything.

Whether you create these projects as explained in the book or expand on them using your own imagination and ideas: we hope you enjoy creating and working with this guide!


  • Step by step tutorials for more than 20 creative projects
  • Learn new techniques and colouring effects which can be created with the STABILO pens
  • Templates with inspiration for free download
  • Time-lapse video tutorials of the creative projects

Spread creative time with STABILO!

It doesn’t always have to be white paper – STABILO pens can be used to create and personalise wonderful designs on paper bags, envelopes, wrapping paper, papier-mâché and much more. Your creativity will have no limits!

STABILO makes it easy to spread happiness on notes, greeting cards for all occasions and much more. So making all of your artwork to become unforgettable one-of-a-kind pieces decorated with a creative touch. Personalised projects can even be made on surfaces such as wood and glass with the STABILO All, STABILO Write-4-all and STABILO woody 3 in 1.

Whether 3D shading, shimmering glitter accents, vibrant colour blending or unique watercolour effects – STABILO products can be used to bring countless creative techniques and cool effects to life thanks to the wide range of brilliant colours and various line widths of the pen tips.

The Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein – download and try for free:

The whole book (108 pages):

The templates only (8 pages):
STABILO Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein
STABILO Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein
STABILO Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein
STABILO Creative Book designed by Hannah Rabenstein

Plenty of tutorial videos!

The STABILO Creative Book comes with 32 time-lapse videos that show you exactly how the projects are being done. Here are just two of them:

How to create a beautiful, individual paper box and;
How to make an impressive love festoon with stunning watercolour effects.

The designer:
Hannah Rabenstein

"My fascination with letters began just before my design studies in Nuremberg and is still going strong more than 11 years later.

In this time I’ve come to recognise the beauty of our 26 letters and our numbers with their many details and characteristics, and they’ve quickly become the focus of my work.

My studies, in which I specialised in typography, allowed me to take this fascination further and expand my knowledge, and I became a true lettering aficionado.

For more than seven years now I have worked as a freelancer doing lettering, calligraphy, graffiti and graphic design, and I can definitively say: I can’t imagine anything better!

The multifaceted nature of working with letters makes every project exciting: Whether it’s designing logos, doing classic work on paper, designing large-scale shop windows, walls, tables or even properties, combining digital and analogue, working with a variety of techniques and tools – every project has its own challenges. The world of (hand) writing is virtually boundless and omnipresent. That’s what my life is like, too: Letters are not only the focus of my work, but also of my free time. They have and will always have my unabashed enthusiasm and love."

Her Instagram channel:
Hannah Rabenstein

Some product recommendations for your creative projects:

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