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Stay at home and draw with STABILO

Welcome to our drawing and painting area for kids and the young at heart.
Here you can find colouring sheets, drawing tutorials and much more to keep you entertained.
All you will need is some paper, pens and pencils, a printer and scissors - oh and your own creativity.
Share with us your creative results: #stayathomeanddraw

Watch our STABILO drawing tutorial videos

Learn how to draw a dragon, a unicorn, a cat and so much more!

29 colourful STABILO step-by-step tutorial videos for beginners and intermediate artists. A how to video guide showing how to draw.

Drawing made simple!
To the tutorials

Download a whole bunch of fun drawing templates!

We have lots of templates from unicorns, to elephants, dinosaurs to a vampire needing to be dressed and even a mandala – within this assortment of 20 drawing templates there is something to entertain every child for all ages and abilities.
And even the parents might find something to colour in!

If you’re looking for a certain age range or if you prefer a certain topic, click here for the drawing templates for the little ones (7 pages), the Mandala-style templates for advanced artists (6 pages), the unicorns altogether (6 pages) and finally the vampire (3 pages).
Download PDF

Inspiring drawing exercises

Whilst colouring and drawing kids are reinforcing skills that are required when learning to write. These short videos are full of inspiration for fun drawing techniques, whilst experiencing writing pressure and rhythm.

Let’s do some art!

Hatching with different pencils is a very good training. Kids can try what happens if they only move fingers, the wrist or the whole arm and they see what happens when they paint with strong and low pressure. The result is a cool peace of art they can hang up and be proud.

Magic leaves!

This technique is a little magic for small kids und perfect to learn to dose the pressure on the pen. Put a leave or a coin under your paper and hatch softly over it to make it appear on the paper. What kind of structures will appear? What happens if you paint with too much pressure?

Draw to the rhythm!

Music and rhythm speak to kids easily, but did you know that rhythm is important when writing, too? Put different music on and let your pen dance over the picture like you feel it. That is such a fun way to draw.

Wonderful rainbow!

Kids love rainbows! This one has not only different colours but is created with every colour painted with strong and soft pressure. Isn’t it a nice effect? You can even make a puzzle out of it if you like.

Download the wonderful, artistic colouring templates by @NagyBanKittiArt

The talented Hungarian illustrator Nagy-Bán Kitti has designed these 36 beautiful drawing templates full of cute animals.

Each colouring page tells its own little story. Have fun colouring and telling stories together with your kids. More info about Nagy-Bán Kitti on her Facebook page:
Download PDF

Download our fun STABILO colouring pages by @stefftrommler

Colouring pages by Stefftrommler.

These 8 unique colouring templates were created by @stefftrommler

Enjoy colouring in with STABILO!
Download PDF

Art for Kids: Blending with STABILO woody 3 in 1

The Hubs family from Art for Kids Hub show you some easy and fun projects to do with STABILO woody 3 in 1.
Follow the step by step guide and have fun with these creative projects. Check out their great website and the family channel on YouTube.
Our recommended videos:
To the "Art for Kids" Website

Download our fun STABILO colouring pages for kids (1)

Kids just want to have fun be it at the circus, playing sports, at the amusement park, when camping with family or spending time with their pets.

12 colouring pages with something for everyone - perfect for colouring in with STABILO felt-tip pens and pencils.
Download PDF

Download our fun STABILO colouring pages for kids (2)

Here we have 6 colouring sheet. Each is based around the fun places that children love to spend time at.

Add some colours and bring these colouring sheets to life with STABILO!
Download PDF

Download our STABILO colouring pages "Colouring Ideas"

Print it, colour it with STABILO, then cut it out and build your own little creative planet ;-)

Download PDF

How to draw with STABILO woody 3 in 1

Dress up time

Why not create some spooky masks? Print out the templates, colour the masks with coloured pencils, wax crayons or felt-tip pens, cut them out and add some string!
Download PDF

Download the STABILO DIY paper crown

Become a King or a Queen with our paper crown.
Just print out the crown template, colour it in, cut it out and pop it on your head.
Download PDF

Also visit our STABILO Create Page

Are you looking for creative and fun STABILO content for yourself? Then follow this link to our "create area". This content is specially for people who love to express themselves with colours. You will find drawing and lettering content, colouring sheets, drawing tutorials, lettering tutorials, templates for decorations and slogans and also our STABILO Hand and Brush lettering Guide are there waiting for you.
To the "Create" Page

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