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Stay at home and create with STABILO

Drawing and learning a new skill isn’t just for the kids.

On this page you will find downloadable templates to colour in and practice hand lettering with, we've also got lots of video tutorials for you to watch and learn from. Also available to download is our 32 page hand and brush lettering book featuring the award winning STABILO Pen 68 brush .

For all of these projects you will just need some paper, pens and pencils, a printer and a pair of scissors and your own creativity!

We will be regularly updating the content on this page so do check back to see what is new.

Don't forget to share with us your creative results: #StayAtHomeAndCreate and express yourself with colour.

The STABILO Hand and Brush Lettering Guide designed by Hannah Rabenstein

STABILO’s hand and brush lettering guide is a 32 page booklet which will give you a perfect overview of the world of beautiful hand lettering!

The guide takes you through the tools and techniques of hand and brush lettering, and gives you tips and inspiration to help you find your style.
More info and download

Get inspired by our video tutorials!

Why not try your hand at calligraphy by using just highlighters - with their chiselled tips you can simply vary the thickness of the line. How about having a go at making a journal perfect to organise your life with? Try using the point 88 or SENSOR to master the "pointing technique" to create artwork that wouldn't look a miss in an art gallery. Or by adding a liitle water you can achieve amazing aquarell effects with the 49 colours of the STABILO point 88 fineliner.

What will you try first?

Watch our tutorial videos and try it out yourself!

Download our STABILO Mandala colouring pages

Here you can download beautiful mandala colouring sheets. There's lots to keep you entertained from a graceful swan, to intricate flower mandalas and patterns.
Download PDF

Download our STABILO lettering templates by @stefftrommler

9 unique lettering templates created by @stefftrommler
Enjoy colouring and lettering with STABILO!
Download PDF

Download our STABILO positive quotes

Let your imagination run riot and complete the templates using your favourite colours. Or let yourself be inspired by them and use your own words and style to generate your own positive quotes.
Download PDF

Download our STABILO brushlettering templates by Katharina Till

These wonderful and motivational brush lettering templates were created by Katharina Till: @hints_und_kunst
You surely will have lots of creative fun using them with our STABILO Pen 68 brush.
Download PDF

Download our fun and useful STABILO templates

These templates can be used to add personality to your own hand lettering creations. You will find small signs, icons and banners that you can fill creatively with your own words and in your own style.
Download PDF

Download our stylish STABILO postcards

Either colour in the postcard templates in your favourite colours or you let yourself be inspired by the letterings and try to implement them yourself on a new sheet. Once completed why not post them to a friend or a relative.
Download PDF

Also visit our STABILO kids draw page

Stuck for things for the kids to do? Then check out our STABILO draw area on our website. Here you will find colouring sheets, drawing tutorials and much more to keep them entertained for hours.

Some paper, pens and pencils, a printer and scissors are all you need to get started.
Click to explore the kids draw page

The perfect products for brush lettering!

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