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Handlettering with STABILO by Moira Schweiger

Moira Schweigers passion is for letters. She founded Moira Styles in 2010 and since then she has also been perfecting the art of hand lettering or also known as “drawing fonts” since then.
She started organising workshops on hand and brush lettering throughout Germany in 2017.
Let yourself be inspired, join in and don't forget to share your creative results: Tag @stabilo and use #stayathomeandcreate

Letters made from hearts

Moira Schweiger has created this template with the letters of the word "LOVE" with lots of little hand drawn embellishment.

The effect of this hand drawn pattern looks amazing and can easily be copied. The STABILO pointMax comes in 24 colours and with a uniquely robust and durable pen tip.

Specifically designed to create a consistent "M" 0.8mm line width, it is ideal for everyday tasks and special hobbies alike.

Download the LOVE lettering template

Enjoy colouring and lettering with the STABILO pointMax felt-tip pen.
Download PDF

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