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Ten things to do over the summer holidays

July 31. 2020

The last three months of finding things to do with the children might have exhausted our supplies and imaginations, and we still have the summer holidays to complete before the children are back at school. So, what other things can we do to keep busy in the coming weeks (aside from playing in the paddling pool, going for walks and watching classic films)?


These are some suggestions that I will be using with the children to make sure we continue having fun, but also get ready for the new adventure that going back to school brings.

Indoor Activities:

  1. Encourage your child to write a little fact file about themselves for their new teacher using their STABILO EASYgraph pencil or the STABILO EASYoriginal for the older ones – include their favourite food, their best loved book and what their favourite memory from lockdown is


  1. Make tray and coat peg labels ready for the first day using STABILO EASYgraph colors pencils


  1. Set up a lamp and cast some shadows…and then set up any favourite toys, dinosaurs or animals and draw around their shadows


  1. Your child could create a picture to go with their favourite story they have heard or read over the break from school – it could be a woolly mammoth, or it could be magic and wizards – get them to use their imagination


  1. Do some window drawings with the STABILO woody 3 in 1 – more rainbows, thank you notes to the key workers, or just whatever pops into their heads!

Outdoor Activities:

  1. Go on a texture adventure and using the STABILO woody 3 in 1 do bark, leaf and stone rubbings on a walk and then use all the colouring and textures to create a collage masterpiece


  1. Gather some leaves, flowers and twigs and use them with STABILO woody 3 in 1 paints to stamp, make impressions and patterns


  1. The children could write letters to their teacher and classmates that they have been missing and walk to post them
  1. Walk or ride the route to school and make a map using STABILO EASYgraph colors pencils – look out for landmarks like the lollypop crossing, the playground, or the post box that can help mark our the way


  1. On a day out take a drawing pad and pencils and encourage your child to draw what they see when you have a picnic – the trees or a lake or even animals that they spot, maybe keep a tally of the different things that they can see using the STABILO EASYgraph pencil?


Wriggler and Fidget have enjoyed some of these activities already – especially the map making for their route to school. Squish created some wonderful window pictures with the STABILO woody 3 in 1 and is enjoying feeling part of the boys creative adventures!

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