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Stationery survival - making it through the school year

August 15. 2018

Making it to the end of the year is a tough test for school stationery.

Pens run out of ink, pencils snap their lead, lids go missing never to be seen again – making it to the end of the year is a tough test for school stationery.

We’ve put our pens and pencils through their paces to make sure they’ll survive the school year – here’s how:


Challenge 1:

That pen or pencil kindly loaned to a friend is never returned 

STABILO solution: A name tag!

Our EASYoriginal pens and EASYgraph pencils have a space for your child to write their name, so their stationery should always make it back to their pencil case.


Challenge 2:

Ink blotches ruin a page of their best handwriting

STABILO solution: Leak-free ink cartridges!

STABILO EASYoriginal rollerballs are mess-free – refill ink cartridges have a new tip that’s ready to go as soon as you remove the cap, and controls ink flow to keep work clean.


Challenge 3:

Uncomfortable pens and pencils are another excuse for not doing homework 

STABILO solution: Ergonomic grip zone!

Specially designed for children, our EASYoriginal pens and EASYgraph pencils have an ergonomic, non-slip grip to promote a relaxed hold and prevent muscle fatigue. 


Challenge 4:

Scratchy pens make writing jerky and awkward

STABILO solution: Smooth writing action!

The effortless rollerball action of our EASYoriginal pen means ink glides across the paper to make writing easier.


Challenge 5:

An ink explosion stains everything in sight, including their white school shirt

STABILO solution: Mess-free ink cartridges and water-based ink!

Our self-contained ink refill cartridges prevent ink explosions, but if your child does manage to get pen all over them (it happens), all our ink is non-toxic and water-based, so it’ll wash out easily. 


Challenge 6:

Trying to stop the rest of the class from borrowing their STABILO pens and pencils all the time!

STABILO solution: STABILO class packs!

There’s only one way to get around this – get STABILO stationery for the whole class! Our EASYoriginal pens and EASYgraph pencils are available in class packs, so everyone can have one.


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