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January 22. 2021

Organise. Colourise. Memorise. Timetable.


Right, it’s time to get down to some revision for my exams. Let’s start with Maths. Ooh, look at those squirrels chasing each other round that tree! Anyway, back to the Maths. Where to start? I wonder what’s on the telly? Maths. Telly. Maths. Ooh Simpsons, no worries, I can always start my revision tomorrow - still got plenty of time.

And that’s what you said to yourself yesterday, and the day before that and all those days before that. Don’t panic, like most of us you just need a little help getting started - and that’s where STABILO can help. We have three top tips to help you come up with a plan, as well as a handy revision timetable template you can download from our website (more on that later):


1.    GET REGULAR. The earlier you get your act together, the easier life is going to be. Find a regular weekly time you can commit to, like Sunday mornings or an hour on a couple of weekday evenings. Start now and you can take every subject in your stride, stepping up the hours gradually as each month passes. That way, you’ll never have to worry about pulling all-nighters and falling asleep in front of your exam paper.


2.    GOOD RELATIONS. Establish some new ground rules at home. Brothers, sisters and revision don’t go very well together (unless your siblings happen to be going through this too). Ask Mum or Dad to lay the law down and make sure the house is quiet and there’s no chance of you being distracted at the times you’ve allocated for your studies. Looping your parents in with your revision plans is a good idea for other reasons too. If you’re struggling to get your head down during one of the periods you’ve set aside for hard graft, you can be sure they’ll give you a not-so-gentle nudge. 


3.    PUT YOURSELF ON A REWARD SCHEME. Work hard, play harder. Once your revision programme is up and running, make sure you reward yourself regularly by continuing to do all the things you love doing. As soon as you’ve completed your studies, switch off and enjoy your sport, music, cooking, computer games and friends without any feelings of guilt. What you really don’t want is to be still thinking about your revision when you’re trying to follow the plot of a complex thriller at the cinema.

Follow these tips, and your revision is sure to get off to a good start. Download our free revision timetable and it’ll help you make sure nothing important slips through the gaps in your planning. 

The earlier you can get yourself organised, the less you’re going to be dreading that morning in August when the results come out and the more you can enjoy your summer hols. The only thing left to say is good luck (not that you’ll need it).



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Sophie - January 22. 2021, 8:42 pm
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