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STABILO Highlights

May 31. 2018

A selection of incredible drawings created with STABILO products!

One of the joys of being STABILO is that people, inspired by our pens, pencils and crayons, often send us the incredible drawings they’ve created with our products. All we can say is we love your work and please keep the drawings coming.

Many of these works of art are just too good to keep to ourselves, and that’s why we’ve decided to share as many of them as we can in a regular blog feature.

Even if your drawing hasn’t been created solely with STABILO products, it will still be eligible for a place on the walls of our STABILO Virtual Gallery for all our followers to enjoy. As you can see if you scroll down, there’s a wide range of styles and talents to admire in our very first batch.

Marvel at the breathtaking detail in the majestic lion’s face drawn by @lilyhammondart and compare it with the lightness of touch of the 5-minute sketch by @tarragondragon at the seaside – both compelling in their own right.


We can’t help smiling at the distinctive style of the rhino meticulously penned by @angelascolouring, but we were equally beguiled by the more cartoon-like feel of the portrait by @erica.glas.

Flowers are always a favourite, and we love the sketch by @awaywithfairy and the captivating mixed media offering from @riamarialew15.


Finally, a word for poor @studysalma whose beautifully-drawn brain is currently weighed down by the relentless pressure of exams – even though we’d say he’s a nailed-on A* student in Art. We’d strongly recommend checking out our useful revision tips which are designed to help students cope at this highly stressful time  of year.


We hope you enjoy all these drawings as much as us, and please look out for more additions to the STABILO Virtual Gallery coming your way in another blog soon.

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