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Secret half-term homework

October 27. 2018

Get your children practicing their handwriting without realising...

It’s hard enough to get children to do their actual homework, let alone extra handwriting practice. And let’s face it, writing lines or doing worksheets isn’t very inspiring.

We’ve got some ideas for half term activities that your children will love, and sneakily involve handwriting practice too.


1. Write a Halloween story

What adventures will Vlad the Vampire, Witchy Willa and Boo the Black Cat get up to this Halloween? If your child prefers drawing, create a comic book story, and colour in Vlad with our activity sheet.



2. Host a party and create invites or ‘tickets’ for friends and family

You can hand these out as guests arrive and even create a menu of the snacks on offer.


3. Use STABILO Woody 3 in 1 to write on a window

Don’t worry, they’re easily washable! This is a brilliant activity for all ages and children can view their handiwork from inside and outside.


4. Make up silly nonsense words and write a dictionary

The best words are the ones that sound funny, so make up your own and list them in a hand-written dictionary. You can add to it whenever you think up a new one.


5. Decode encrypted messages or riddles

Place codes at different angles hidden around the house, that your children have to crack by writing down the answer. Stick the paper at different heights on walls and under tables to add an extra level of investigation.


Handwriting practice doesn’t have to be boring, and any activity that gets children holding a pen or pencil, drawing, writing or making marks is good practice.


If you’re looking for more activity ideas, check out our weekly Arty Ideas, and share your sneaky handwriting tips on our Facebook page.

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