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Procrastination rules - get serious about studying

February 6. 2019

Procrastination is every student’s worst nightmare, persistently distracting you from your revision notes. Here’s some ways to help get your head out of the clouds and in to the books.


1. Create a revision timetable to give you structure – but don’t        spend hours designing it


2. Set manageable deadlines – a solid half hour is better than a whole day of procrastination


3. Work when you’re most alert – it might be 1pm or 1am, whatever works for you


4. Make sure you’re not interrupted – if working at home is too distracting, try the library


5. Play instrumental music in the background – it softens the silence without making you want to sing along


6. Keep your phone well out of reach – the temptation to check Insta can be all too great


7. Minimise decisions – have everything you need within reach, so you can stay in the zone


It might seem like a mammoth task, but remember, you know all this stuff, you just need to make sure it’s not lost in the depths of your brain when you need it in your exams.

Download our revision timetable template to get started now.

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