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Parent Blogger: Practising letter formation

February 11. 2019

Katie is a mummy blogger from Little House of Words who shares her creative experiences and tips from craft times with her 5-year-old, known as Wriggler, and 3-year-old, known as Fidget. The newest addition to her family is Squish and (at only a few months old) is mostly napping when craft time happens.

We love Katie’s idea of using empty photo frames and STABILO woody 3 in 1 pencils to practice letter formations – why not try it at home with your children?

Being creative when learning letter formation

Thinking up different ways of practising handwriting and letter formation can be tricky, especially when your child sits at a desk at school doing lots of writing already. So, when it comes to craft time at home, activities need to be fun and inventive. For me, I also need to cover the 5-year-old level at the same time at the 3-year-old level – I mean Fidget thinks he is 5 so why can’t he do what Wriggler does?

This week we decided to do some letter tracing to help practise spacing and making sure that letters were formed in the right way. I wrote out some simple words, put the paper in a blank photo frame and let Wriggler trace the letters and the draw some pictures around the words using STABILO woody 3-in-1 pencils. These pencils are great because you can use them to write on glass and they wipe off easily without leaving a mark – allowing for a different creative activity.

Wriggler loved talking about the different letters having different colours, how easy it was to rub out his mistakes when he wanted to try again, and how he could clearly see what he was trying to create. We also read the words we were playing with phonetically and with their actual letter name to help him with his spelling.

Fidget also made his mark on the glass – generally a lot of circles and scribbles and he got in the way of his big brother, but his marks were easily wiped away and he moved back to making scribbles on paper. It is great seeing how his shape formation is developing (aided by the chunky pencil that’s easy for him to hold) and he talks about what he is trying to create – like rockets and boats.

Little 10-15-minute activities like this are great when the little ones get in from school and preschool and want to practise the fun things they have been learning.

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