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Parent Blogger: Back to School handwriting practice

September 11. 2019

Katie is a mummy blogger from Little House of Words. She shares creative experiences and tips from craft times with her 6-year-old, known as Wriggler, and 3-year-old, known as Fidget. The newest addition to her family is Squish and (at only nine months old) is mostly napping when craft time happens.

In the last week of the six-week summer holiday break, my house is partaking in the usual rush to make sure that we are ready to get back into the school routine. The shoe shopping, the uniform collecting, the washing and labelling, ordering school meals and signing up to the next term’s activities suddenly all needs to happen. The list can seem never ending, and somehow in all the fun that has been had, a couple of important things can get forgotten.

Taking time during the holidays to practice maths, reading and writing with your children is important, and can be slotted into the fun activities that you do together. We’ve used craft time to count and play games with numbers, play word games and I-spy to help spelling, and been to the local library to find some new and different books to read. Last year Wriggler wrote a story about our family holiday to keep up with his handwriting, and this year we did the STABILO back to school handwriting activity.

The pack has quotes from famous people, with writing guides for children to practice their penmanship skills. It was a great conversation starter for my six-year old as we talked about the different quotes; some of them are from authors and he loved talking about their books and the kind of stories that they had written. He really likes how you can create anything you want with your imagination and a pen in your hand.



Wriggler used the STABILO EASYgraph pencil, which helps to make sure that little fingers are positioned in the ‘froggy grip’ correctly and are made to fit both left and right-handed writers. He especially enjoyed writing the JK Rowling quote because we have starting reading Harry Potter, and after working on his spacing when writing this quote, he moved to practising his cursive script.

We did this activity several times over the holidays to keep his writing skills fresh for when he gets back into the classroom. So now he is looking forward to using his new pencil to work on his spellings and write his own stories.

Download the STABILO famous quotes handwriting practice sheets and be inspired by Anne Frank, C.S Lewis, Roald Dahl and more!

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