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Parent blog: Bringing autumn into drawing

November 13. 2018

Katie is a mummy blogger from Little House of Words who shares her creative experiences and tips from craft times with her 5 year old, known as Wriggler, and 3 year old, known as Fidget. The newest addition to her family is Squish and (at only a few months old) is mostly napping when craft time happens.

An autumn walk – bringing the outside into our drawings

My two boys love going for walks and dinosaur hunts in our village woods, and we love chatting about all the things we can see as we wander the trails under the trees.


But what they really love is gathering ‘treasures’ to bring home and add to their collections. It is totally normal for them to find snail shells, conkers, acorns, feathers and leaves to fill their pockets or for me to hold for them. And when we get home (and we have had a hot chocolate to warm up) a little bit of creative time with some of their finds always beckons.


This weekend we found some lovely coloured leaves and a couple of brilliantly shaped feathers, so Wriggler and Fidget sat down to copy the shapes they could see, talk about the colours of the leaves and feel the texture of feathers.

Wriggler wanted to create a picture and write out the names of the colours, which was a great opportunity to practise his phonics and spellings (I love seeing how literal the spelling of words can be when the children are sounding them out)!


We spread the leaves and feathers out on the table and then used STABILO Woody 3in1 pencils to create a picture, with written labels of all the colours. The chunky pencils are brilliant for small hands, and adding water turns them into watercolours, so you can get the perfect mix of yellow, orange and red.

Fidget has been learning about shapes and colours at preschool lately, so it was interesting to talk about the rectangle of the feather and the triangles in the leaves. While we did this, we matched the colour to a STABILO Woody 3in1 pencil, and then drew a picture of the shape on some paper.


Finding time to sit down with the children can be a challenge, especially when we are all busy with housework, homework or being out and about. But taking even 20 minutes to sit, be a little creative and have a chat with the little ones can be interesting – especially when hearing how their minds are working. Plus, it is great for developing their skills and learning without them even knowing it. Sometimes I get to actually drink my hot cup of tea while doing it!


For more fun, free activity ideas, check out STABILO Arty Ideas.

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