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Mother’s Day Crafting Ideas

February 27. 2022

Have some fun and show Mum how much you love her this Mother’s Day with our fun range of crafting activities.



Lantern Jar

1. Find an old clear jar at home and give it a good rinse out to remove any remaining bits of food that may be in there. 
2. Using the STABILO FREE Acrylic marker pens carefully draw on your own design onto the jar. You can either go for block colours, stunning patterns or create a pretty picture.
3. Once you have completed your drawing, carefully ask a parent to help you roughen up the jar using a piece of sandpaper. This is really important if you have coloured in the whole of the jar as it will create spaces for the light to shine out from. 
4. Carefully place a tealight candle into the jar and it’ll be ready for mum to use! 



Heart Bookmark

1. Using a pair of scissors carefully cut a piece of paper into a 3-inches by 3-inches square.
2. Place the paper in front of you so that it looks like a diamond. Fold the top of the diamond inwards to the middle. Then fold the bottom point of the paper to the middle of the fold of the top point. 
3. Take the bottom right corner and fold it inwards to the middle of the paper so that the bottom edge is now vertical. Repeat this step for the left hand side..
4. Flip the heart over and slightly fold in the tips to create a heart shape. 
5. Glue the folds and the edges and leave them to dry. 
6. Grab a lollipop stick and using your favourite STABILO pens (the STABILO Trio DECOs work great for this) colour in the stick how you would like it. 
7. Once dry you can decorate the heart. STABILO Trio thick pencils are great for this. 
8. When complete, stick the heart to the lollipop stick and you have made your own bookmark for mum! 



Heart Card

1. Fold a piece of card in half so to create a greetings card.
2. Using your favourite STABILO pens and pencils. Make use of different colours and pen/pencils to create some amazing patterns. Using reds and pinks works really well for this and don’t be afraid to go over the patterns with a white STABILO FREE Acrylic pen to add some more textures. Try to fill in the whole card if you can.
3. Fold another piece of card in half and cut it into two along the fold. 
4. Take one piece and draw a heart on the card. Carefully cut the heart shape out of the card leaving just the outline of a heart.
5. Use some white glue to stick the heart outline onto the front page of the card you have decorated to create a stunning heart card!


>> Click on the image below for PDF Mother's Day Crafting Idea Guide <<

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