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Master handwriting with storytelling

June 18. 2019

Katie is a mummy blogger from Little House of Words, who shares her creative experiences and tips from craft times with her 5-year-old, known as Wriggler, and 3-year-old, known as Fidget. The newest addition to her family is Squish (at only a few months old), who is mostly napping when craft time happens.

We have just been fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast and my boys had the time of their lives. Wriggler especially, as he has plans to be a palaeontologist when he grows up. He recorded all the adventures and discoveries they made in his notebook. Fidget tried to add his own pictures to the notebook, but they were more red scribbles made with the STABILO Trio Scribbi pen – thank goodness for the spring-loaded tip that can handle his enthusiastic ‘dotting’! Wriggler, however, drew his finds in great detail. He then decided he needed to write more information and create a story alongside his drawings.


It was interesting seeing how he thought about what he wanted to write down and how he wanted to share some fun fossil facts. He patiently and carefully mapped out his ideas in pictures using the colourful STABILO Trio Scribbi pens and then he wrote a sentence related to the pictures, checking that it made sense and that his spelling was correct (or nearly so phonetically!). This fab technique of story mapping helps children consider the journey that they are taking their readers on when they tell a story or share information.



When Wriggler moved on to writing his sentences, he used the STABILO EASYoriginal. This pen helps early writers finesse their grip, making it easier to improve their handwriting and it is lovely seeing him use his time to practise, and move it towards the cursive style. I’m keeping this notebook to remember how hard he worked on his writing and to remember the funny little story he created about fossils with his carefully drawn pictures.


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