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How to make Marbled Easter Eggs

April 1. 2021

Marbled Easter Eggs

In this project we’ll show you how to create colourful marbled Easter eggs. It’s easypeasy with the STABILO woodys 3 in 1. Combine different colours however you like and see what happens. In any case, it’s really fun – and not just for Easter!


Materials needed:

• STABILO woody 3 in1
• Eggs, blown out
• Hairdryer
• Kitchen roll
• Egg carton for storage
• Water and paintbrush


Here’s how it works:

1. Take a blown-out egg and heat it a little all around with a hairdryer. Take care not to make it too hot – and mind your fingers!

2. Then colour the egg in a “scribble” style.

3. Blur the colours with kitchen roll. The warmth of the egg loosens the colour pigments, which makes it easy to spread the colour. If necessary, you can re-apply some colour. Repeat this process until you have the
look you want.


Top Tip:

You can also use a paintbrush and a little water to brush the colour onto the eggs.





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