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EASYstart Handwriting Top Tips

February 27. 2020

Is your child’s handwriting all over the place?

Is your child’s handwriting all over the place? If they’re struggling to keep it neat they probably just need a bit more practice to familiarise themselves with the shapes of letters and the flow of words. We’ve got some top tips to help your child improve their handwriting, simply by making a few easy adjustments:


First up, your pen or pencil should be held in the “tripod” grip between the thumb and the first two fingers – this is the same for both left and right handers. Our EASY range has a moulded ergonomic grip to help your child get the hang of it.

Once you’re comfortable, start to make shapes on the paper – we’re using some activity sheets from our Early Writer’s Pack to mimic letter formation. By practicing these shapes, writing letters will come much easier.

It’s important to keep the sizing of handwriting consistent so that it isn’t all up and down on the page. A helpful way to learn this is to highlight alternating lines on your paper and ask your child to keep the main body of each letter within the highlighted section, and the tails of letters in the non-highlighted section. Although this is large lettering, once they get the hang of it they’ll be able to scale it down to normal size.

Next is maintaining consistent spacing between words so they don’t all jumble together. A fun and easy way to do this is to use your index finger in between words. Again, it’s a case of practising until the spacing comes naturally.

Practice makes perfect

Our STABILO EASYstart range is specifically designed to support children at each stage of the learning to write process.

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