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Creative Christmas Craft Inspiration

December 10. 2021

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ I hum to myself while hustling the children together for festive craft time. 

And this year is does feel more hopeful and exciting than last year. With the added bonus that the children are all of an age that they enjoy being creative and help come up with fun ideas for craft time, rather than things ending up a splodgy, glittery mess!

This year both Wriggler and Fidget are able to write letters to Father Christmas, Squish actually understands more of the festive concept so wants to make and draw snowflakes and we have all been making Christmas cards together.

What I really love is using a range of mediums when crafting with the children, partly to help have conversations about colours and textures, but more so because it makes things FUN!

So, what Christmas themed things can I suggest this year…well a great staple in our house is window pictures using the STABILO Woody 3-in-1 pencils – not only are the Woody’s crayons and water colour paints,  but they are also pencils that can be used on glass – and washed off no-fuss! My three-year-old, Squish, loves them because she can cover a window with all her favourite colours, blend them, mix them and then wipe them off and start again. We did some tracing to start but the weather was against us and the picture I stuck to the outside got rather soggy, so we switched to using some STABILO Christmas stencils on the inside of the window. Now, some of you might be familiar with a certain snow queen, but she is a BIG hit in our house and drawing snowflakes over the window with blue, white, silver and gold was very entertaining.

Not to be left out, Fidget wanted to test out the stencils using STABILO TRIO deco pens on black paper – and came up with some pretty and very effective results, we are turning the pictures into laminated Christmas decorations for his teachers.

And Wriggler loved the black paper idea, so using the STABILO TRIO deco pens he started writing his letter to Father Christmas – a lovely traditional Christmas activity to do with the children every year. It is great seeing all three of them really develop the froggy grip, play with colour and do something creative for someone else.

Not to be left out, I confess that the children inspired me this year to create my own cards, so I am going to colour in little wooden Christmas cut outs and stuck them on plain card. Hopefully, they won’t take a lot of time to make, (at least less time than writing the cards anyway!) and will even be a money saver on the usual cost of cards.

Enjoy creating your festive wonderland with your children and their Christmas crafts!


Katie Banks of Little House of Words 

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I'm old school. I still like to write letters and notes rather than email or texting
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