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Boost your brain power

April 8. 2021

With all this studying you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing as much as you can to retain the information you’re absorbing. There are a number of ways you can aid your memory, from eating oily fish to thinking positively. Why not aid your revision with some of our brain boosting tips? 


Doing physical exercise increases the amount of oxygen going to the brain, protecting brain cells and stimulating the production of helpful brain chemicals. Taking an exercise break from studying will therefore enable you to process and remember information better.


Getting enough sleep makes sure your brain is working at full capacity so you’re not lacking in critical thinking and problem solving skills. As well as aiding your learning, sleep also improves your memory; when your brain is resting in the deepest stages of sleep, it is consolidating all the information it has absorbed, so you’ll be able to remember much more of your revision when you wake up the next day.

Eat healthily

What you eat hugely affects your brain function, so feeding it with good stuff like fruit and veg will help it work harder. One of the best things for brain health is omega-3 oils, which can be found in oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines. If you’re not a fish fan, you can also get omega-3 from walnuts, kidney beans, spinach and broccoli. 

Understand the way your memory works

When you learn something new, you’ll probably have almost forgotten it within a few hours, but if you revise it again within four hours, you’ll be able to retain the information for around 24 hours. Revise it again within these 24 hours and you’ll be able to retain it for four days. If you follow this process you’ll be able to build up your memory to one and a half weeks, then one month and so on. Use this information to create a revision timetable that keeps refreshing the information you are revising to maximise your memory function.

Colour is another brilliant way of improving your memory. With 55 colours in STABILO’s point 88 pen range, you’ll never get bored writing revision notes. 



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