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Back to school: What’s in your pencil case?

August 28. 2020

Wriggler is changing schools in September and moving to Juniors and Year 3 – this means he is going into Key Stage 2, but also that he FINALLY gets to have his own pencil case. I think I can relate to his excitement as this was one of my favourite parts of being ready to go back to school!


But things are a little different this year, as children will be encouraged to have their own stationery items and discouraged from sharing their belongings with their classmates. Alongside the regular handwashing, hand sanitiser between activities and being in smaller working groups, ‘not sharing’ is another little thing that our children will adjust to when they return to school in September.


For the most part, those in Reception and through to Year 2 don’t need their own pencil case, but that could change for the new school year. However, those going into Year 3 and Key Stage 2 will need their own named supplies.


So, things that I would suggest are worth having in the pencil cases are:


Early Years and Key Stage 1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2):

  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Writing pencil
  • Colouring pencils


And these additional items for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 – 6):

  • Writing pen
  • Colouring pens
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Calculator
  • Scissors


And, as for anything school related, it needs the child’s name on it, and be easy for them to use. Wriggler is all set up with his new pencil case and his named bundle of EASY items, including EASYoriginal, EASYgraph, EASYsharpener and EASYeraser – meaning it is ticked it off our list already – PHEW!

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