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Back to school: Getting writing ready

August 14. 2020

Like most parents in the UK, we have been home-schooling Wriggler, who was part-way through year 2 and Fidget who was getting ready to finish pre-school, since March. This has continued through the many weeks of ‘lockdown’ and kept us all busy. We made our own timetable around activities set by the school and have taken our learning all over the place - outside on walks, or in the garden and even into the den that took over our living room!


Now we are looking ahead and getting ready for what the new school year will look like in September. While things maybe a little different when the children go back, we still can use the next couple of weeks to give our children the time to practice their writing and be ready for their return.


Letter formations, like writing their name if they are going into Reception (EYFS); developing their word formation and spacing if they are in Key Stage 1; and working on their cursive if they are getting ready to move into Key Stage 2 can be built into little fun activities. Things like writing ‘I miss you’ cards to their teachers and signing their name, writing about their adventures, their lockdown activities, or sending letters to their friends.


During our time together we have made up stories, planned the characters adventures, mapped what the scenes look and smell like and then, using the STABILO EASYgraph pencil and the STABILO EASYoriginal handwriting pen, Wriggler and Fidget have written and drawn their imagination’s adventures.


For Wriggler (who is now 7 years old), these pens and pencils were great for allowing him to firmly hold his pencil (and trialling with the pen) correctly while he described his characters escapades and he has relished practising his ‘joined-up’ handwriting.


The STABILO EASYgraph colors pencils were put to great use by Fidget who is developing his ‘froggy grip’ without consciously thinking about how he is holding his pencil. He has enjoyed expressing himself and was so proud to write his own name was in this year’s Father’s Day card using his own STABILO EASYgraph pencil and practise on the STABILO Early Writers worksheets.

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