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A revision mission to shake things up

February 27. 2019

Revision doesn’t have to be boring essays and reading textbooks. Stop writing pages and pages of mind-numbing notes and find a revision method that works for you.

  • Put a fantastical spin on things – turn history into an epic story, with historical figures as heroes or villains
  • Swap anecdotes with your mates about places you’ve been to – the sillier they are, the easier they’ll stick into your brain
  • Watch a film of the book – seeing the story visually might help get your head around what’s going on
  • Add some colour to your notes – use a different colour for each subject, or mix and match to keep your mind open and your notes fresh. In fact, Ryman have found that writing in colour helps us retain 50-80% more information than standard black or blue.

STABILO point 88 fineliners come in 47 different colours to make your revision notes super visual for better recall.



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