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5 revision techniques to avoid

March 26. 2019

People have tried literally everything to try and remember their revision notes. Here’s five terrible revision techniques to avoid if you want to pass your exams:

1. Re-reading your notes

This is a revision classic, but it’s not actually the best way to study as it’s too easy to switch off. Keep your brain active by testing yourself on the notes you’ve made so you’re more prepared for exam questions.


2. Revising in silence

Locking yourself in a silent reading room at the library isn’t optimal study conditions. Revise wherever you feel most comfortable, and use background music to help you relax a bit.


3. Pulling an all-nighter the day before your exam

You might have the topic front of mind, but you probably won’t have retained much detail, and you’ll be too tired to concentrate properly in the exam. Revision takes time, so give yourself enough of it.

4. Absorbing information by putting an open textbook on your head

This might seem pretty desperate, but we’ve seen people trying this outside the exam room. Just to clarify, this isn’t how osmosis works – check your Biology notes.

5. Designing beautiful bullet journal-style notes

These might get tonnes of likes on Instagram, but in reality, you’ll be concentrating more on the design than the actual information. That doesn’t mean colour is banned. Red, green and orange can pep up your notes, but your normal handwriting – no matter how messy – is absolutely fine.

We’re on a revision mission to shake things up. Find out some alternative revision methods that aren’t fake news.



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