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Fab or crazy?

STABILO beYou! rollerball - 21 distinctive designs and great performance!


STABILO beYou! Yuvarlak uçlu kalemi göz alıcı, modaya uygun, dikkat çekici renk çeşitliliğiyle sunulur. Genç yetişkinler,öğrenciler ve okul çocukları için mükemmel moda deyiminin ta kendisidir. Bu yuvarlak uçlu kalem tane tane ve düzgün bir el yazısı için kaymaz tutuş noktası ve her yazım şekline uygun olması için iki farklı gövde boyu ile sunulur.

Are you fab or crazy?

The beYou! rollerball range encompasses two contrasting styles. First up is the beCrazy! slim design, offering a whole host of loud and crazy, trendy themes for the wild child in you. For those who consider themselves a little more sophisticated, the simple elegance of the beFab! thick design range might be just what you’re after. Each of the design themes in this range comes with subtle yet eye-catching aesthetics.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Trendy rollerball in a total of 21 different designs
  • The slim design beCrazy! offers 4 design themes: FRUITS, TYPE, DUOCOLORS and Uni Colors
  • The thick design beFab! offers 3 design themes: URBAN SPORTIVE, CHIC HERITAGE and DUCOLORS
  • 0.5mm medium tip
  • Non-slip grip zone – suitable for both right and left-handed people
  • Doesn’t blot, doesn’t scratch
  • With royal blue erasable ink (one cartridge included)
  • Refillable with standard fountain pen cartridges

blue 5040/1-2-41 rhodamine red 5040/1-3-41 strawberry 5040/7-1-41 melon 5040/7-2-41 ice blue 5040/8-1-41 lemon yellow 5040/8-2-41 limegreen/gras green 5040/9-1-41 rust red/orange 5040/9-2-41

Add some color to your life!

STABILO beYou! rollerball comes in 21 different designs. Here are some of the favorite ones.

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