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Not the standard sharpener

Great style, great features! The ergonomic STABILO EASYsharpener can accommodate three different lead diameters.


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STABILO EASYsharpener EASYcolors,EASYgraph, EASYergo 3.15 ve tüm ince uçlu ağaç kalemler için mükemmel bir tamamlayıcıdır. Hem sağ hem sol elini kullananlar için uygundur, üç farklı açıda uç ile keskinleştirme yapabilir. 5 yaş ve sonrası olan okul öncesi çocuklar için tasarlanmıştır, bu renkli tasarımlar her kalem kutusuna renk katacak.

Sharpens through thick and thin – with either hand

The STABILO EASYsharpener can accommodate three different lead diameters. EASYcolors, EASYgraph, EASYergo 3.15 and all thin wooden pencils can all be sharpened. The version for left-handers comes in petrol, pink and blue. The version for right-handers comes additionally in the colors orange and green. It has an ergonomic design and there are versions for left or right-handers. Beyond functionality and design lies much science and care. The innovative moulded grip makes it comfortable for the smallest hands. It has a closable lid and a safety screw to prevent injuries. There is a name tag space, too.
Product features:

Product features:

  • One sharpener for three different lead diameters
  • Versions for left- or right-handers
  • Perfect for STABILO EASYcolors, STABILO EASYgraph, STABILO EASYergo 3.15 and all thin wooden pencils
  • Innovative moulded grip for optimal hold
  • Safety screw to prevent injury to children
  • Closable lid
  • With space for a name tag

petrol 4502 pink 4502/1 blue 4502/2 orange 4502/3 green 4502/4

Add some color to your life!

STABILO EASY sharpener comes in 3 color combinations for left-handers and 5 color combinations for right-handers.

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