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Funky & wild

STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals - discover your wild side with these fun mini-highlighters!


STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals sınırlı sayıda üretilen 5 eğlenceli mini fosforlu kalemden oluşur. Sıradışılığı arayan herkes için mükemmel. Koyu zeminde büyüleyici bir şekilde parlayan bu cep fosforlu kalemleri cebe, kalem kutuya veya el çantasına kolayca sığar ve ayrıca hediye olarak vermek için mükemmel bir fikir!

Time to go wild

How do you turn school into a jungle and daily routine into an adventure? Easy: with the STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals. The fun and colorful animal imprints even glow in the dark! The ink of the STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals is water-based, making them worry-free to use. These funky, fluorescent highlighters are always a great gift idea. Handy to fit into a pocket or pencil case, they are perfect for highlighting text or drawing. They offer high-quality workmanship and are designed for superior ink flow and comfort. Thanks to STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology they can be left with their caps off for up to 4 hours.
Product features:

Product features:

  • The classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in mini format
  • Printed with 5 funny animal friends
  • Characters with super-glow effect: highlight in the dark
  • STABILO Anti-Dry-Out technology: 4 hours dry-out protection
  • STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort
  • 5 fluorescent colors
  • 2 line widths: 2 + 5 mm for drawing lines of varying thickness
  • Water-based ink

yellow 07/24-6 blue 07/31-6 green 07/33-6 orange 07/54-6 pink 07/56-6

Add some color to your life!

STABILO BOSS MINI Funnimals come in 5 colors.

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