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Ergonomic design for small hands

STABILO Trio thick - triangular-shaped pencils designed to reduce hand strain.

STABILO Trio thick

STABILO Trio thick boya kalemleri yaratıcı şekilde birçok renk kullanmaya bayılan minik Picassolar için idealdir. Kalemler jumbo üçgen ergonomik bir tasarıma sahiptir ki bu, kalemleri çocukların tutması için daha kolay hale getirir.

For little Picassos.

If you think your child may be a little artist, look no further than these colored pencils. The STABILO Trio thick colored pens and pencils are triangular-shaped and designed to reduce hand strain and help kids learn to hold writing instruments properly. Specifically designed for growing hands, they are available in short and long length for all of your coloring and drawing needs! These colored pencils are for anyone who wishes to use color in a creative way. The Trio family of products includes colored pencils, fibre-tip pens and erasers. All feature a triangular shape specially designed for growing hands. With rich color application and a lead diameter 4.2mm, these colored pencils are perfect for drawing and coloring.
Product features:

Product features:

  • Wooden colored pencil with ergonomic, child-oriented triangular design
  • Available in long and short designs
  • Lead diameter 4.2mm.
  • Rich color application
  • STABILO Trio thick short: available in a set of 12 colors. Not available as single pens
  • STABILO Trio thick: 24 brilliant colors – in sets of 12 to 24 colors. 19 colors available individually

yellow 203/205 orange 203/221 cherry red 230/315 red violet 203/345 pink 203/350 blue violet 203/385 sky blue 203/455 green 203/530 light brown 203/655 grey 203/726

Add some color to your life!

STABILO Trio thick comes in 24 brilliant colors. Here are some of the most favorite ones!

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